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Welcome to the home page of The Black Dog Podcast.

Join Lee, Darren, Jim and Elton as they waffle, wonder and jabber on about film, geek news, video games and any other tangential rubbish that springs to mind. Before reviewing a movie from yesteryear removing either the Rose-Tinted Specs or a Shit-Covered Goggles, to see if the film was really as good (or bad) as popular opinion would have you believe.

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May 24, 2017

The wheels come off early and the cast drives straight off a cliff as Darren loses an eye, Jim and Lee do nowt, but Lee gets angry about it... And Elton proves himself to be the hard arse of the team.

Then its on to this weeks review - Ghost In The Shell 1995 anime version will it impress or confuse the guys with its endless stream of robot boobs and cod philosophy. 

Next week in a change from the regular schedule, to commemorate the passing of Sir Roger Moore, we will be covering The Spy Who Loved Me.