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Part of the journey is the end

May 22, 2019

So here we are. The end of the line. As a wise man once said "That's the gig. Part of the journey is the end"
I have tried multiple times to write this eulogy to the last decade and every time it feels like I've come up short. Either being too verbose thanking every single person by name, or being too brief and flippant giving a send off akin to "so long and thanks for all the fish" so I'm just going to go for it and let the chips fall where they may.
The Black Dog podcast has been a part of my life almost constantly for ten years and it still amazes me that something that started off as a way to reconnect with a friend and deal with my depressive moods evolved into a global community of friends (and that poor sod in North Korea - God speed my friend) most of whom I would most likely never have had the honour of meeting and calling friend, without this nonsense we did every Tuesday just to make ourselves laugh. And this is never better illustrated than in my co-hosts, Jim and Elton two brilliant, funny, interesting and charming guys I didn't even know existed back in 2009 and who it is now my privilege to count amongst some of my closest friends thanks to this podcast.
One of the joys of this cast was that it was always evolving, changing and many times in ways we couldn't have even imagined when Darren and I started back in 2009. This is in no small part due to the feedbackers and Blackdoggers here on the facebook group; From the early days of Brad Thornton's Aliens musical number, Jamie and the Magic Torch intro and recording at one of the earliest shindigs of everyone there to make a version of Lou Reeds Perfect Day, through to Sean Mac An Ghabhan and Melissa McGowan's version of Suddenly Seymour on the Little Shop of Horrors episode and of course the epic Danny Davies intro to the Blair Witch episode which features at the start of Episode 400. Everyone's creativity outside of the cast has always been astounding, humbling and a joy to receive.
But it wasn't all musical numbers. Feedbackers contributed with interesting, witty and down right bizarre feedbacks and it all contributed to the one thing I will cherish about the cast, its community feeling. From the sweary missives of the Profannobard Scott Mathieson and the eyewateringly funny comments from "Yogi" David Lefebvre Sell (his feedback on Adam Sandlers Jack and Jill still lingers in the mind to this day) to the crazy random apps and film finding skills of the shitfinder general Chris Johnson. The brilliantly weird, charming and utterly bonkers feedbacks from "The Bellystapler" Michael Kent Cornett and his martian miscreant partner in feedback Voldar T. Martian to the slew of shitty superheroes supplied by the Fiendish Dr Will Catlin-Hallett and Otterpunching fist of rightous justice of Jack P. Starro, our community always felt unique, diverse and fun.
And if I am going to name check and give a potted history then I cannot ignore the contribution of the Geekplanet Online community which in 2010 pulled the cast out of the shit when podcast host Mevio decided to start charging huge amounts of cash to host and wanted full control of any content we made.
Geekplanet was there and got us out of the shit to put it bluntly and I will always be grateful to Dave Probert, Gillian Coyle and Matt Dillon for that opportunity that undoubtedly saved the cast from withering on the vine after only 10 months. I will always be grateful for Geekplanet for new friendships and relationships that continue to this day with brilliant, creative people like Martin Thompson, Reverend Peter Organ, Anne-Marie Organ, Leslie Byron Pitt, Iain Boulton, David Jackola, Brandi Jackola and Wayne Talbot. Even after the site itself passed beyond the veil its influence lives on.
There are tonnes of people I could continue to thank by name but this post would simply become a roll call of the Facebook members list and reduce individual contributions over the years to a check list. But before I wrap up I would like to thank all the guest co-hosts wherever they may be now (not every relationship ends on a happy note) the filth master of the inappropriate Danny Graydon, James "Foxy" Fox the only man to co-host from a toilet while taking a piss and talking about Man of Steel, Badger Spry ardent defender of Armageddon and the man responsible for the apocalypse now style descent into madness that was the Twilight trilogy rewatch with Laura Fox and a large bottle of tequila, Andy Poulastides our war film correspondent, Kubrick aficionado Trek geek and Sean Connery impersonator and finally Herc a friend lost and lamented but never forgotten.
And although she was never a host I need to thank "Lucky Minty" Sarah Lazell for her continued moral support coffee fuelled lunchtimes, especially as the end of the cast drew closer and resolve wavered.
Finally I have two more people to thank who have more than anyone else made the cast what it was.
Carol Medcalf - My wonderful wife. Supportive, encouraging and understanding (very understanding given how impossible it was for her to get some kip when we were laughing up a storm or recording a Darron Diamond intro downstairs at 2am). You never judged, you never discouraged and you helped me push on when I felt lost and indulged me when any other sensible partner would have quite reasonably questioned why I was abandoning my family to go get drunk and watch sparkly vampire films in Bristol for a weekend, or organising a pub meet for 80 strangers on our wedding anniversary.
And finally...
Darren Barnard my friend of more years than I care to count, hilarious, witty, mad, geeky and a sickeningly talented singer. You're a narcoleptic lunatic but there is never a day goes by that I regret you nicking my 2000AD comics in Mallory school library in 1982. Without you mate, this cast simply would not have happened or lasted as long as it did and I will always be grateful for this, your support and your continuing friendship.
So that's all folks. The Black Dog is at an end... I'm sure there is a good end line to play out on but I think I'll just stop here.
Shut up thats why!